Webinar: Digitally Transform Your Maintenance Processes 

Date: 01 January

03 February 2021, 11:00 (UK Time)


Breaks between the digital and physical worlds are the status quo in maintenance processes. But there is an alternative: Integrate technology- and human-dependent tasks into one digital solution. Achieve higher levels of maintenance efficiency, reduce human error, and make maintenance data usable to business units in real time.  

  • Leverage machine data to accurately predict the best time to perform maintenance tasks and avoid downtime before it effects your business  
  • Use augmented reality (AR) to guide technicians through their maintenance workflows and to record their proof-of-service and inspection findings digitally, with no risk of human error    
  • Digitally document data from both processes to your back-end hub, making it available and reusable to other business units in real time  

In the connected world, TeamViewer IoT analyzes real time data to detect or predict anomalies so you can deal with them proactively before they become downtime events. It allows you to know in advance when maintenance is required, enabling you to schedule measures when they will be least disruptive.  

When machines need to be inspected in the physical world, TeamViewer Frontline supplies your technicians with AR tools to get the job done efficiently. Step-by-step instructions, checklists, and videos on smart glasses guide them through maintenance processes while allowing them to work hands-free. Documentation is managed through voice commands that trigger taking photos, shooting video, and voice-recorded notes. Human error is virtually erased, while compliance is verified and transparency is achieved. When needed, knowledge experts located anywhere can see what the technician sees and guide them to a quick and successful outcome.    

Companies like Airbus or Coca-Cola HBC already transformed their processes by incorporating these smart technologies, conducting inspections up to 40% faster and reduce machine downtimes up to 50%. Liebherr benefits from hands-free operations through visualized sensor data, increasing not only efficiency, but also employee safety. Learn in our webinar how you can achieve higher levels of maintenance efficiency, reduce human error, and make maintenance data usable immediately.

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