Webinar: Edge to Enterprise: the power of data where you need it

Date: 01 October
Location: Online

1 October, 11:00 (UK Time)
In this webinar, The Manufacturer’s web editor, Jonny Williamson, will host three important players in the edge environment to discuss how the connection of data between the application and the enterprise levels is helping manufacturers to make huge efficiency and productivity gains.

  • What is Edge computing and what does it offer that other IT approaches can’t?
  • What are the common challenges that an Edge to Enterprise approach can resolve?
  • Is edge computing secure?
  • How can an Edge to Enterprise approach benefit your company’s digital transformation journey?
  • Can I maintain an edge computing platform with limited IT support?
  • Can Edge computing work with legacy systems?
  • What are the first steps to implementing edge?

Join Jonny and his guests from  Stratus Technologies, AVEVA and SolutionsPT to answer those questions and many more as they take a practical, simple, case-study led look at edge deployments that really deliver.