Webinar: Achieve Your Sustainability and Smart Factory Goals with IoT Lighting

Date: 29 June
Location: Online

Pilkington Automotive, part of NSG Group, is one of the world’s largest suppliers of automotive glass. Its European Technical Centre in Lancashire is currently being upgraded with new IoT lights that not only deliver enormous energy savings but also provide a surprising number of other smart factory benefits.

Specifically designed for warehouses and industrial settings, the system does more than just provide light, it gives data driven insights about the site and will allow Pilkington to make smarter decisions about its operations. 

Join this webinar to understand how Pilkington Automotive is utilising its new cloud-based, wireless, connected smart lighting system techonogy to:

  • Measure and deliver on sustainability and energy reduction commitments
  • Gain Smart Factory insights and befefits such as site occupancy management, high-value asset tracking with senors, HVAC management, high-speed high secure internet througout the facility, and more!

Also hear from IoT lighting specialists, Signify, which provides its clients the opportunity to future proof their industrial sites, make significant energy & costs savings, and improve their overall operational efficiency,  through the implementation of a state of the art LED lighting and connected controls system called “Interact Industry”. 

Plus hear how Signify’s unique Opex and Capex financing model means your business can easily afford to enjoy the same benefts achieved by Pilkington Automotive.

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