Webinar: Lean in a Digital World: The Goal is to Make Money

Date: 17 March
Location: Online

17 March 2021, 11:00 (UK Time)


Today’s manufacturers are navigating and tackling various challenges. But above all, they want to identify areas for automation adoption, improve overall process efficiency, and run tighter, real-time cost controls.

This is where Lean manufacturing principles come in. The concept of Lean aims to reduce waste – and that includes both tangible and non-tangible examples of waste (time being one). Adopting Lean principles can help your business become more agile and respond more quickly to even the most unpredictable of demands.

So, where do you begin?

On 17 March at 11am GMT, we will be joined by leading digital transformation and experience experts Columbus and Episerver for a discussion of Lean with digital commerce.

We’ll be exploring some Lean manufacturing best practices and how they can be applied to manufacturers who rely on commerce. In other words, what should Lean mean in a commerce world?
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