Webinar: The Practical Approach to Factory of the Future at Your Existing Site

Date: 05 November

5 November 2020, 14:00 (UK Time)


Eliminating inefficiencies has been the driver for manufacturing intelligence for 20+ years. What’s changed?
Complete manufacturing improvement is a greater priority than ever on the shop floor, but today’s data systems have reached a limit in their ability to correlate and manipulate data without human intervention. The factory of the future will be optimised for every parameter and every SKU; but teams must first digitise their existing production environment and make a business case for investing in new tech.

This webinar will explore:

  • How global information, supply-chain and operations leader can prepare for the evolution to the factory of the future
  • The changing dynamic of human and system interaction in the plant
  • Manufacturing as a parallel with autonomous vehicles, from manual systems to AI
  • Performance and data requirements to achieve remote, autonomous, optimised operations
  • Total digitisation as the enabler of a more efficient shop floor
  • AI to improve responsiveness for tactical and strategic decision-making
  • Next steps to enabling the Factory of the Future at your existing site

Join The Manufacturer’s deputy editor, Tom Lane and his expert panel as they outline a complete, practical digital manufacturing improvement approach deploying best of breed software and systems. Constantly evolving, this method reduces risk – moving toward a low-code, no-code ecosystem that is open, flexible and future-ready.


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