Conference Themes

The 6th Annual LMJ European Conference will focus on the adoption and adaption of lean across all functions. Delegates will learn directly from industry experts, academics and glean best practice from end-user lead case studies, with speakers attending from across Europe.

Whether you are running lean programmes across several countries or sites, or simply driving continuous improvement at one location across varied teams, this two-day event will provide unparalleled inspiration, learning and networking.

Event topics include:

  • Moving beyond staff engagement to create proactivity in and across all daily roles
  • Creating staff engagement through a culture of respect and honesty
  • Understanding ¬†how lean is implemented and managed across all sectors
  • How do you create a problem solving culture?
  • Establishing lean in the office
  • Running a lean project in-house Vs engaging outside expertise
  • How is lean changing the modern world?
  • Creating patterns within staff actions and converting these into learned behaviour