Alexandra Murphy

Senior Engineer , HR Wallingford

Senior Engineer in the Floods Group at HR Wallingford Alexandra has been working in flood risk management for 14 years, including 12 years specialising in reservoir safety.  Alexandra is appointed as Supervising Engineer (SE) for a number of large raised reservoirs in the UK, and is experienced in reservoir safety inspection techniques, risk assessments and the history and law under the Reservoirs Act 1975.

As part of Alexandra’s SE role, she has to review vast amounts of routine safety monitoring records, which are often in paper format and rarely digitalised.  Thus, HR Wallingford has been working  to develop the first real time monitoring system (RTIM) for a Welsh Water dam in Snowdonia National Park. The RTIM system combines the dam safety and reservoir engineering expertise of HR Wallingford.

Lara, a project manager  has supported industrial customers with their plant monitoring and data focused projects for the last 3 years. As the appointed site manager for this unique pilot,  Alexandra is qualified to discuss the challenges and key benefits around installing such a system, and how using ‘Big Data’ has improved the surveillance, asset management and the general safety of a Welsh Water dam in Snowdonia.