Dr Sarah Fletcher

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Structures, Assembly and Intelligent Automation - Cranfield University

Sarah joined Cranfield in 2000 to complete a PhD investigating the impact of human variability in highly automated manufacturing systems (funded by Ford Motor Co.). She has since conducted and supervised many more human factors research projects in a wide range of contexts but primarily for the manufacturing industry. In 2012, Sarah developed the Industrial Psychology and Human Factors group to focus on research and development for the integration of humans and intelligent automation in manufacturing.

Sarah has taught various industrial / organisational behaviour and work psychology subjects at Masters level. Sarah has served on the School of Engineering Research Degrees Committee, the Engineering and Aerospace Faculty Board, and as Coordinator of the Cranfield Enhanced Engineering Doctorate (EngD). With a strong funded research interest in the human-centred development of safe and efficient intelligent work systems, Sarah is currently a member of both the BSI’s AMT/00-/02 Robots and Robotic Devices Committee and Workplace Standards Strategic Advisory Group, and sits as UK representative on the ISO Technical Committee 299 for Robotics, Working Group 3: Industrial Safety.

Current activities

Sarah has conducted a wide spectrum of human factors research projects relevant to automation and manufacturing systems but now particularly focuses on understanding the psychological and ethical issues surrounding the design of intelligent systems and collaborative robotics. She currently leads a number of projects developing interactive automation and informatics systems to optimise worker acceptance, satisfaction and performance and is an EPSRC High Value Manufacturing Fellow working on the integration of human factors in augmented reality devices for industrial applications.