Howard Lightfoot

Chief Executive Officer, The Manufacturing Co-operative

Operations Excellence Institute Manager

Howard Lightfoot is the Manager of a newly formed Operations Excellence Institute at Cranfield University, England. The institute focuses on enhancing training and learning in through – life engineering services in a state of the art ‘Simulation Laboratory’ using Virtual and Augmented reality systems. This new venture follows over seven years of research focussed on the field of Servitization and Product-Service Systems where he has published extensively and is considered to be a leading authority in this area. He is co-author of the book ‘Made to Serve’ and works with the leading companies in his field including Rolls-Royce, Caterpillar, Alstom, MAN and Xerox.

Prior Experience

Instem Technologies – Business Development Director

Marconi Secure Radio  – General Manager

Data Acquisition  – Managing Director