Ian Hampton

Innovation Director, Lambert Engineering

Born in York into a working class family in the early fifties. My father Thomas was an engineer’s pattern maker and my mother, June a full time mum. I left secondary school and became in indentured apprentice with a local second tier automotive manufacturer, called Armstrong Patents. They supplied suspension components to the likes of Ford and Chrysler. This step into the workplace ignited my passion for engineering and fueled my aspirations to become a designer with a hunger for knowledge. Working as a jig and tool designer for Vickers Instruments, a local microscope manufacturer, and Terrys Chocolate works as a process designer. In September 1982, discovered a special purpose machinery manufacturer called Lamberts. The role I played as a design engineer, required design flair and tenacity, providing solutions to ever more technically challenging requirements. Extended our technical boundaries with every successful project we delivered. In 1987 I became Technical Manager and in 1997 was invited on to the board taking up the role of Technical Director. I took accountability for technical and regulatory due diligence and the continued development of an ever expanding technical team. In 2012 we identified a need to take a more proactive approach towards technology advancement and alignment of our offerings to the market’s needs. Becoming the board sponsor of this initiative I took the appointment of Innovations Director. Perusing a career in manufacturing has brought both pleasure, and pain (you need to pick up a few scars on the way) however I can look back with the greatest sense of satisfaction and no regrets. Looking to the future, my wish is to share my wisdom with whoever will listen and whilst now in my early 60’s will continue to make the most of what is left behind.