Jennifer Donoghue

Director, JPS Supply Chain

I started in supply chain recruitment in 2002.  I had never heard of supply chain before but once this new world was opened to me I was hooked!  I was lucky enough to work for the market leading recruiter at the time – Supply Chain Personnel – and they gave me fantastic training, allowing my career to really take off.  In my 5 years there, I was promoted 4 times before deciding to go and put all the theoretical knowledge I had acquired into a real supply chain job!  I worked for an SME putting in processes, negotiating contracts, creating inventory systems etc.  It was a baptism of fire but I really enjoyed it!

3 years on I started to miss the pace of recruitment and returned to it, only to find that the employers I worked for had a very different idea of what good recruitment looks like.  I therefore set up JPS Supply Chain in 2012 with 2 objectives – (1) to be a true supply chain recruiter, understanding the roles I recruit for and investing time in people, not process, and (2) to stop recruitment being a dirty word.  I want to get everyone involved in the recruitment process to think about their part in it, and to change it from a transactional to strategic function.  A challenge indeed but 3 years on I feel we are really getting somewhere and I have even more passion and belief in my vocation than ever before.