Joachim Zettler

Managing Director, Airbus Apworks

Joachim joined Airbus in 2005 and worked as a Project Manager and Technical Consultant where his role involved, participation and lead of several European and National Funded Projects related to forming technologies , SCULPTOR (EU), INMA (EU), SIBUform (National), Robolass (National), LIMA (National), representative of Innovation Works on national and international conferences for process related topics and development of advanced CAD/CAM software solutions based on OpenCASCADE for Airbus UK (Broughton) and Airbus St. Eloi. Joachim is currently the Managing Director of EADS APWorks GmbH where the company focuses on technology transfer and consulting services around state of the art and innovative Airbus Group technologies like Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) or DeltaN FS friction stir welding.