Mike Shergold

Manufacturing Innovation Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

Mike has over 30 years’ experience working in the area of advanced manufacturing technology in the automotive industry.  He graduated from Bath University with a 1st in Mechanical Engineering and subsequently achieved an MBA from University of Warwick.

Starting work with Smiths Industries, he was attracted by working in the area of new technology and joined the Austin Rover / Warwick Manufacturing Group Teaching Company scheme. (now known as KTP’s). This led to a career in what is now Jaguar Land Rover. During this time with this company, he has been responsible for a wide range of manufacturing technology developments and initiatives. These include precision sand castings; warm forged gear blanks; body joining techniques; I.C. & electric motor manufacturing processes; low weight, high stiffness aluminium matrix components and aluminium extrusion based body structure concepts.

He now leads the Jaguar Land Rover Global Manufacturing Innovation Team, which is responsible for the delivery of new technology processes and techniques across the range of Jaguar Land Rover’s manufacturing activities.