Peace, Ben - -KTN

Ben Peace

Sustainability Lead, The Knowledge Transfer Network

With a broad background in engineering, manufacturing and innovation, I lead on a range of cross-sector initiatives at the Knowledge Transfer Network, whose mission is to stimulate innovation for the benefit of the UK. We do this by transferring knowledge across sectors; setting up effective collaborative partnerships; providing access to funding; and informing policy. Our services are provided free of charge to our 60,000 members.

Over recent years we’ve recognised the huge opportunities around the aligned topics of circular economy, remanufacturing and servitization, and are working on a variety of significant initiatives to stimulate awareness and innovation in these areas. These include informing and supporting multi-million pound Innovate UK competitions focused on design, supply chains and business models; advising on various recent Policy Connect inquiries, and reaching out to SMEs as part of the European “REBus” (Resource Efficient Business Models) project which we’re working on with WRAP.