Richard Mellor

Chief of Manufacturing Engineering, Rolls Royce Additive Manufacturing Centre of Competence

Richard leads the technical and manufacturing development of Additive Manufacturing within the Rolls-Royce Additive Layer Manufacturing Centre of Competence. The Centre of Competence was established to lead the Rolls Royce global strategy for Additive Layer Manufacture  and accelerate its introduction building upon significant work done by multiple project teams since the late 1990s.

Richard started his career in heavy industry before moving into Aerospace in 2004 as Manufacturing Engineering Director for Goodrich Engine Controls. A desire to speed up new product introduction lead to an interest in ‘Rapid Prototyping’ and first exposure to additive layer manufacture. Enthused by the potential benefits of this then very immature technology he became active in this area including participating in a number of publically funded research programmes. Following the acquisition of Goodrich Engine Controls by Rolls-Royce Richard was pleased to join the Centre of Competence in 2014.