Harwood, Robert - Ansys

Robert Harwood

Aerospace and Defence Industry Director, ANSYS, Inc

Rob obtained his engineering PhD in 1998 from the University of Sheffield in the UK. During and since that time Rob has focused on creating significant customer value through the industrial use of simulation based engineering (SBE) with specific focus in the Aerospace and Defense sector. Rob has been with ANSYS for 15 years.
SBE is revolutionizing the way products are designed and developed. Every day companies using the technology create more innovative and reliable products in less time and at less cost than their competitors. Different organizations are at different stages in their adoption of SBE and Rob is focused on communicating and disseminating experiences and best practices that assist organizations to maximize their return on investment by thinking beyond just tools and to implement process change and develop the skills of the people involved.
Rob has worked directly with the leading aerospace and defense organizations around the globe and is a frequently invited guest speaker at industry conferences.