Antony Middleton

Senior Product Engineer, Grainger and Worrall

Antony Middleton runs the digital sand printing facility at Grainger and Worrall. Grainger and Worrall are market leaders in the application of sand printing, digital simulation and CT scanning for creating high quality, innovate casting solutions in ever decreasing lead times and for ever increasing customer expectations.

Grainger and Worrall are privileged to have world-class customers, organisations that lead the world in their respective spheres – and continue to deliver innovation in order to help them stay there. Their services encompass up-front engineering, precision machining and consultancy backed by real science, right from the very early stages of the supply and development chain.

Antony will describe how factors in the development of next generation powertrain, lightweight structures and hybrid applications are driving advances in innovations in geometries, materials and metal production.