Thomas Bradford

Product Steering Lead, BMW Mini

Professional working life started as a Business Technician Apprentice at Rover Group Large Cars division, based in Oxford in 1996. The apprenticeship was combined with a Partnership Degree at the University of Warwick, reading Engineering and Business Management, as the company transformed to BMW and the Oxford product became MINI.

The first substantive role was then as a process and facility planner in Regensburg, before returning to Oxford in 2001 to become a junior Production Manager. Over the next 3 years this role was transformed to combine production and maintenance as MINI production volumes increased.

With preparations being made by 2005 for the next generation of MINI, a lead project planner position beckoned. After successfully launching the new series of cars, life took a new direction, and away from the Product Planning to Production Steering.

From strategic long-range plant development topics to operations planning (shifts and manning), steering provides a varied diet. The highlight of the successful launch of the latest generation of MINI being completed in 2015 was Building Cars Live on the BBC!