Become A Host

The Manufacturer believes that companies should take pride in their factories. Over the last five years we have built up strong relationships with renowned factories who have opened their doors to showcase their achievements and specialities.

As a host site you get the opportunity to build connections with other manufacturers, share insight into best practices and how to further continuous improvement programmes. You will also benefit from the invaluable feedback you get on the day and after the visit.


Steps to becoming a host site:

  1. A conference call is scheduled to discuss how you would like the factory tour to be held and a suitable date is agreed.
  2. We will arrange a face-to-face meeting at the host site to discuss the factory tour agenda and the best practices which your company would want to showcase.
  3. Our team will undertake all the marketing and administration surrounding the visit. We try and make the process as easy and stress free for you as possible, to ensure you can focus on delivering an informative day.

Reasons for becoming a host:

  • Share ideas and experiences with other UK manufacturers.
  • Benchmark your best practice.
  • Help push manufacturing further to the forefront of the British industry.
  • Furthering knowledge and encouraging internal staff to expand their network, and gain inspiration to make changes in your company.
  • Gain valuable feedback and improvements.
  • Exposure to other sectors, networks and potential partners.
  • Provides a reminder of your achievements and builds pride in your factory.

Our pledge to you:

  • Factory Tours are limited to manufacturers only.
  • Ongoing communication and updates will be initiated at every step to ensure an engaging and enjoyable day is created and delivered.
  • You can set the maximum number of visitors that you would like to attend on the day; therefore ensuring a safe tour around the factory and beneficial networking opportunities.
  • As the host sites you have full rights to veto any individual or group.
  • We will do our best to ensure the visitors are of senior calibre. However, when this isn’t possible we will ensure the visitor is in a position to contribute towards feedback in regards to the tour and its themes.