Innovation is fostered by the research and development of new technologies, methods and processes, in turn increasing the competitive capabilities of manufacturing throughout the UK. However, manufacturers must overcome challenges within research and development to maintain a strong market position, and with companies becoming more and more innovative, it’s important, now more than ever, to invest in solutions that can be implemented today. The Innovate Seminar aims to inspire creative thinking for growth by sharing case studies from both SMEs and OEMs, while also focusing on the subjects that matter – the simple ways that manufacturers can innovate their processes, techniques and products to ensure they remain competitive in the global market. With the future of UK manufacturing set to be an exciting one, it’s important to find the perfect balance between creativity and simplicity, and innovating the products to the needs of the customers.

What have past delegates said?

“Excellent networking, good cohesive structure to presentations”
Andy Sellars, Technology Strategy Board

“The conference covered some interesting and thought provoking topics”
Rob Armstrong, Selex ES

“As a novice to the area it was a very clear and lucid introduction”
Andrew Crabtree, Bostik