The Manufacturer Collaboration Challenge

Can we make it?

In July this year the UK’s balance of trade exceeded its highest point for almost a year with Britain importing £3bn of goods more than it exported. The UK has generally had a deficit in ‘trade in goods’ since 1983 and over the last 3 decades the challenge for UK businesses has been to try and close that gap.

At The Manufacturer magazine we firmly believe that UK Manufacturers must work together in order to guarantee the future success of UK industry and help to move back to a positive balance of trade. Supporting collaboration will allow businesses to increase efficiency, speed up innovation and enable new business models, technologies and, importantly, new products.

At The Manfuacturer Directors’ Conference this year we will be running the Manufacturing Collaboration Challenge to identify if some of the overseas-made products, which we currently consume in great quantities, could be made at home by local companies using locally made components.

Teams made up of business leaders from UK manufacturing businesses will go head to head to develop simulated plans to design, manufacture, market and sell a new product using a finite budget and local (UK) suppliers. The Challenge will require teams to deploy a fixed budget into five areas of a ‘virtual business’ while managing demand, which will be influenced through marketing and design, in order to satisfy sales.

The Challenge will require participants to complete five primary tasks:

  1. Design the exterior of the product
  2. Produce a brand name, logo and marketing plan
  3. Create a manufacturing production and distribution plan
  4. Identify UK component suppliers
  5. Produce a finance plan

Teams will be judged in these areas against specific criteria with representatives from leading companies from the design, marketing, finance, automation and logistics industries tasked with judging which team will emerge as the 2013 Champions of Manufacturing Collaboration.

If you are interested in taking part please register here.

If you would like to suggest a product or put forward a local collaboration team (members should be from different companies) please email Tim Brown – [email protected]