More than just making things. SMEs route to growth.

The Manufacturing Services Thought Leadership Network (MSTLN) consists of manufacturers who wish to learn more about and support others who are moving towards business models orientated around high margin product services as opposed to the traditional make it- sell it models of manufacturing.

The MSTLN’s Annual Conference offers first hand examples on the benefits of these service centric business models and the growth companies can derive from their implementation. It will showcase innovative firms that have embraced this new manufacturing paradigm and have been able to create value through a shift from selling products to selling Product-Service Systems.

The key aim of the event is to articulate the benefits of product services to manufacturing businesses. Manufacturers that wish to add value and grow their business must remain competitive and seek to move towards service driven business models by providing holistic solutions to end users. This will build a relationship with their customers that endures post the sale of a physical product.