About the MSTLN

The goal of the Manufacturing Services Thought Leadership Network (MSTLN) is to raise the awareness, within UK manufacturing, that ensuring long term success requires companies to increasingly focus on creating value in the customers’ business rather than exclusively in the production facility or R&D lab.

This open community of manufacturers provides a networking and support platform for those companies who wish to embrace this high margin sustainable business model, sometimes referred to as “servitization”

The MSTLN is managed and overseen by thought leaders in UK manufacturing, as well as stakeholders from academia and the commercial world, who ensure the conversation will always add value those who wish to explore the world of service led revenue generation.

“Manufacturers who have embraced the servitization trend tend to retain capabilities in design and production, and do so because this benefits their speed, effectiveness and costs of supporting assets on advanced services contracts.”  Professor Tim Baines, Aston Business School

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