About The Manufacturer

The Manufacturer is one of the leading UK publications with the express focus on supporting the manufacturing sector of our economy. We keep those in the industry informed and up to date, providing news on government policy, management within manufacturing, where the skills are needed, technology in manufacturing, financial elements and many wider issues.

Ranked by Google as a ‘news provider’, themanufacturer.com claims 100,000 page views and 30,000 unique visitors per month – figures which are growing fast.

Our vision
To have the most active global manufacturing community.

We strive to provide the upmost support for all aspects of the UKs manufacturing sector. Our extensive network of contacts, most of whom operate in high-level management positions, mean we are able to bring people in the industry closer together and build relationships.

Our first-class events help drive the UK industry forward furthering insight, understanding and networks in all things manufacturing.

What does this mean for you?
We use our contact base and events to bring people together in a timely and structured manner. Months of work can be solved much sooner through using The Manufacturer as a tool of progression.