“Events like the TMDC, offer a chance to meet like-minded industry leaders to share winning ideas, skills and knowledge. Manufacturers can draw so much inspiration from a manufacturing conference like this.”
– Robert Dale, Managing Director, Frankdale Foods

As the flagship event The Manufacturer Directors’ Conference (TMDC) will focus on the drive for continued growth in the year ahead, addressing both the opportunity for innovation and investment that this will bring. High achieving leaders will impart their knowledge and give insight about how they plan to grow their business. Complemented by inspirational industry figures, key government members and leading academics who will discuss the trends and influences that are shaping the future of manufacturing.

Over the last five years manufacturers have faced significant challenges: a double-dip recession, crisis in the eurozone, a severe shortage of technical skills, increasing material costs and a coalition government whose manufacturing policies have so far failed to result in the levels of growth that were brandished. However, the past few months have shown that the UK economy is recovering, with increased manufacturing output and upwardly revised GDP, optimism is higher than it has been for years. Making the wrong or no decision in the next six months could penalise your company, now is the time to formalise new ideas and business opportunities.

Embracing technology and actively creating opportunities for innovation will be key to sustaining the economic recovery. From building networks and partnerships to embracing the opportunities that current and future technology will bring, manufacturing must adapt and develop or face diminishing returns. The conference will showcase business leaders who will inspire delegates through their proven track record in developing both businesses and teams that deliver and drive growth. The TMDC will provide manufacturers with the inspiration needed to drive their company forward in 2015.

#UKmfg turned a corner in 2013 with real signs of a sustained recovery and 2014 has proved to be a year for sustained recovery and growth. #TMDC2014 brings together like-minded business leaders wishing to seek new innovative ideas for growth in 2014 and beyond.