Reasons to Attend

This year the Manufacturer’s Directors’ Conference (TMDC) will cover two days of insightful keynotes, strategic views from government and key industry bodies, delegates will be able to see and hear best practice case study sessions, contribute to specialist discussions and debates, and participate in interactive workshops.

The TMDC will focus on strategies for growth, priorities for investment and shaping the landscape for manufacturing

Attending the #TMDC2014 will enable you to:

  • Understand how you can increase your company’s profitability through careful and considered investment in technology, including automation
  • Shape your business strategy to ensure you business is continually developing ahead of industry trends and therefore your competitors
  • Understand the key elements of how the most successful companies are creating additional revenue streams outside of their normal production
  • Consider how subtle changes could help shape your business strategy and enable you to better prepare for market developments  you remain ahead of your competitors by anticipating market and technological developments
  • Understand the need to seamlessly blend the physical product and servitization aspects of your company to ensure that you have the most profitable offering
  • Learn how to unlock the potential in the next generation of manufacturers, what drives them and understand their aspirations for the sector
  • Understand how you can achieve cost savings across multiple channels
  • Key government figures and leading academics will discuss the trends and influences that are shaping manufacturing for the years ahead. Applying all of these lessons will be essential in shaping your business strategy over the coming months

From building networks and partnerships to embracing the opportunities that current and future technology will bring, manufacturing must adapt and develop or face diminishing returns. Your people will be the final and most fundamental ingredient to business growth. As business leaders, you will learn and be inspired by the leading manufacturing experts who have a proven track record in developing teams that deliver and drive growth.

The MDC will provide you with the inspiration needed to drive your company forward in 2015.