Nominating Criteria

*** Nominations for The Manufacturer Top 100 2015 have now closed. Nominations for The Manufacturer Top 100 2016 
will open later this year *** 

Nominations for The Manufacturer Top 100 must be because the individual represents one or more of the following criteria:

  • An inspirational leader: an inspiring leader who has created wealth for and created stable employment at a UK-based manufacturing firm, while remaining committed to investing in developing the value of their manufacturing business through people, processes and technology.
  • Driver of cultural change: an individual who has helped to alter popular perceptions about manufacturing locally or nationally, inspiring young people, women and minority groups or has influenced government to help make conditions better for manufacturing in the UK.
  • Bold investor in new markets: someone who has been courageous in finding new markets, increased revenue by venturing overseas and helped reshape one or multiple markets by proving a new and competitive business model involving UK manufacturing.
  • The young pioneer: a person who has made an impact disproportionate to their years, providing inspiration for the future of manufacturing in the UK.
  • ***NEW*** The unsung hero: someone who is instrumental in facilitating the success of those around them and the success of the business as a whole.¬†They are the constants that provide support and knowledge both downwards and upwards within the professional hierarchy.

Your nominee/s must have an active role in a company with manufacturing operations in the UK.

Individuals should feel free to nominate themselves.

Individuals cannot be part of The Manufacturer Top 100 2 years running. View the current list.