The Pledge

Shortlisted members of The Manufacturer Top 100 have a part to play. As members of this elite cohort, we encourage them to continue to contribute by choosing to take part in one of the following:

  • Nominate two individuals for the next The Manufacturer Top 100
  • Become a proactive STEM ambassador – be a role model and help raise the profile of STEM and show the world how creative, exciting and necessary these subjects are.
  • Become a member of The Manufacturer Alliance – allow other organisations to visit your facilities and learn from you and your company. 10% of the profits generated by the programme are donated to the Smallpeice Trust.
  • Join The Manufacturer editorial board – help us cover the burning issues in manufacturing.
  • Write for The Manufacturer – give us your opinion on the most topical issues in manufacturing right now.
  • Host a stand at a career fair – show young people why working in manufacturing is important.
  • Speak at our conferences – share your best practices and your stories with the manufacturing community.
  • Take on an apprentice – give a young person the tools they need to flourish in the sector.