MACH 2012 Speaker Interviews

In April 2012, the MACH Exhibition hosted a vibrant seminar programme which looked at the theme of ‘The Next 5 Years’.

Each presentation focused on providing an insght into the future plans of the organisation and most specifically how companies can position themselves to become part of these plans and potentially part of the presenting OEM’s supply chain. The Manufacturer interviewed members of the MACH Exhibition seminar panel and a number of the interviews are viewable below.

Professor Raj Roy of Cranfield University and Andy Shaw of the National EPSRC discuss through life engineering as it applies to manufacturing.

Martin Wright of the North West Aerospace Alliance discusses the development, sustainability and evolution of advanced engineering supply chains, clusters and companies.

Iain Lowe of Rolls-Royce discusses manufacturing for mission critical applications.

Gareth Humphreys MBE, Education Advisor at MBDA Missile Systems, discusses how apprenticeships can be used to develop the best employees.

Professor Stewart Williams of Cranfield University talks about the high deposition rate available when applying wire + arc technology to high quality metal additive manufacturing.