Breakout 3: Focused Workshops

There are three specialist workshops that provide concentrated learning opportunities and as such are limited to 20 delegates per workshop. Delivered by subject area experts they provide an alternative learning approach to the other streams which may appeal to delegates with live projects or a specialist interest in the below areas:

Process Improvement

Toyota Production System

Tony Wallis Tony Wallis, Director, Toyota Material Handling UK

The TPS workshops will demonstrate Toyota's world-renowned business process. The workshop will provide a framework of concepts and methods for improving efficiency plus a business simulation that demonstrates different types of production. The simulation will bring together the elements of TPS in a graphic audience participative programme to show how process delivers high quality at the lowest costs with on time delivery. It will examine key components including continuous improvement (Kaizen) and the elimination of waste (Muda), we will outline the different stages to develop a business improvement roadmap in order to help you increase efficiency in your business. During the workshop we will demonstrate key features of the TPS, its application to every business and how it can help you to reduce waste, add value and improve profit. This workshop has been presented to over 500 senior directors from all types of industry to promote how lean practice can be applied in any business.

Tony Wallis has a wide depth and breadth of experience in all aspects of the automotive and materials handling industry, Tony Wallis, Toyota Material Handling's Sales and Marketing Director and previously Operations Director has worked for some of the worlds most respected manufacturers including Toyota and Volvo.

Tony has a strong track record in improving business performance and developing teams that deliver volume, profit and customer service. Having developed a specialist understanding of the Toyota Production System, Tony has a strong understanding of process development, its application to all types of business and the tools that can help companies to drive down costs.

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Training and Leadership

Empowering and Engaging People to Drive Change

Tom Wedgwood Tom Wedgwood, Director, Newton Europe

Engaging people at every level of the business in improvement is fundamental to the success of a programme. However, the most successful of businesses do this by enabling the workforce to experience personal success.

In this workshop we will explore:

  1. Understanding latent potential (in people as well as in processes)

  2. How to help people to "see through the snowstorm"

  3. Linking actions to value and how to hold people accountable for action, so that they know the importance of their actions
  4. How to support people manage action to completion

  5. Helping people improve their abilities - e.g. in problem solving - so they no longer see problems as constraints, but instead as exciting challenges

  6. How to develop not just people's abilities, but also their confidence and desire to drive improvement

  7. Building the systems, behaviours and understanding to enable this to be done at all levels, on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and shift basis, so everyone can be engaged in improvement and see the results of their actions on the performance of the line/business

Tom is co-founder of Newton and responsible for all our work in the high volume manufacturing sector. He also co-ordinates activities with private equity clients, overseeing due diligence and upside work as well as delivering profit improvements within portfolio companies. Tom's role includes responsibility for the development of our innovative business approach, our intellectual property and best practice transfer in the UK and abroad.

Tom was awarded the Institute of Civil Engineering Queens Scholarship at Cambridge University and won the Roscoe Prize for achieving the top degree of his year. After graduating, he worked as a civil engineer for Ove Arup in Zimbabwe, Australia and London, before specialising in manufacturing consulting as part of an international group where he worked with Acordis, McVities, Kimberly-Clark and GlaxoSmithKline.

He now manages clients across the UK and Europe, directing improvement projects for some of world's most successful manufacturing companies in sectors ranging from paper, chemicals and food, to automotive, textiles and plastics.

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Social Media? But we're a manufacturing company!

Why manufacturing and social media were made for each other.

Danny Bermant, Director, Brainstorm Digital Ltd

Presentation: Social Media? But were a manufacturing company! - Why manufacturing and social media were made for each other

Social media isn't just for consumers. An increasing number of manufacturers are waking up to the benefits of social, whether its building new client relationships, gaining access to expertise, or developing new product ideas. During this workshop, we will be looking at:

  • How to use Linkedin groups to seek out expertise as well as new client relationships
  • How to grow your LinkedIn network in order to gain access to suppliers, clients and new markets
  • Using Twitter to discover as well as share the best ideas in your industry
  • How to utilise other platforms such as Youtube and Pinterest and educate and inform target clients

Danny Bermant is Director of Brainstorm Digital, a social media consultancy. He specialises in B2B strategy - that is, working with companies to develop an effective plan for how to use their website and social media presence in order to get introduced to new clients and develop their business.

He helps companies identify and qualify the businesses they want to target, and shows them how to use various tools on the internet, such as social networks, in order to get introduced to those businesses. Sometimes that means developing a social media presence from scratch, other times it means training companies how to use their presence on the internet much more effectively and strategically.

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