Optimising Production Operations: Are you synchronised?

At Deloitte, we recognise the UK’s manufacturing industry continues to experience turbulent times. Manufacturing companies have seen an increase in operational complexity, in customer demand and in pressure to manage operational cost.

Companies have responded by initiating cost reduction programmes, relocating, outsourcing, and expanding into new markets such as China and South America.

Leading companies that are able to out-perform their peers, despite the challenging climate, are those that have managed to achieve agile and lean operations by addressing operational complexity through operational optimisation. What differentiates these industry leaders is a clearly defined manufacturing strategy that informs the right strategic decisions and establishes strategically-aligned operational execution.

Deloitte provide expertise that ranges from defining manufacturing strategy through to the underlying processes that support the execution of the strategy, delivering an optimised operation for our clients, and we’d like to take you through how Deloitte is helping manufacturers make step changes to the performance of their operations

In a new series of summaries – Optimising Production Operations – is an opportunity to share with you some insights into our extensive and wide-ranging services offered to the manufacturing sector.

The series explores client capabilities in:

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