The Manufacturer Podcast: Hench Cricket | BAE in Ukraine | Food Waste Bin Bags

Hello again listener – we hope your ears are ripe for this one. 

We start this episode with a story from Joe. A giant cricket infiltrated his home this week, and we fear he may have to go home and fight the bloody thing. The winner presumably gets to live in his house. 



The standout in the headlines this week – BAE Systems pledges it’s support to Ukraine.

And see if you agree with this week’s submissions for ‘Made by a Moron.’

There’s all that and more in today’s episode.


In the words of Joe: Good morning and welcome to the latest instalment of Cricket Watch! I rose at dawn, packed my elephant gun and the larger of my two mosquito nets and went on a hunt! After what can only be described as a titanic struggle I caught the beast (who I’m naming Bruce).

Cricket captured - The Manufacturer Podcas

I’ve added the top of a pen to give some perspective on his size; he did seem a little camera shy though. I have released him back into the wild, but we’re redecorating the spare room so not before he helped me move some boxes upstairs. He’s in the back garden now and last I saw he had the next door neighbour’s Doberman in a headlock!

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