5 Essential Health & Safety Tips for Warehouse Operatives

Working in a warehouse is an exceedingly practical and physically demanding role and nowhere else are health and safety rules so vital. Correct enaction of the legislation and rules can make the difference between a simple and small accident and an incident ending up with one of your workers in the hospital.  

Here, then, are five essential health and safety tips for warehouse operatives. 

1. Clearly Label the Hazardous Zones  

The industry in which your business is based will greatly determine the level of hazardous areas and indeed, substances, you are working with and, as such, it may well be the case that the entirety of your warehouse is divided into hazardous zones.  

The essential safety signs which should be displayed and clearly labelled at all times and be visible to employees and visitors alike, include the following: 

  • Fire safety & exit signs 
  • Admittance signs 
  • Hard hats signs 
  • Biological hazard signs 
  • Warning signs 
  • Caution signs 
  • Safety instruction signs 

2. Choose Your Suppliers Carefully  

When looking for a Komatsu forklift dealer near me, either to temporarily rent additional material handling equipment for a large order or warehouse expansion or else to try out new and innovative picking technology, always ensure you choose a reputable and renowned supplier.  

This way, you can ensure that all necessary health and safety maintenance checks have been completed and the machinery you are providing to your workforce has passed all relevant safety requirements.  

3. Preventative Maintenance  

As you will probably be already all too aware, most injuries and accidents in a warehouse, regardless of the type of goods and materials stored and disturbed from there, are caused by inefficient and/or ineffectual maintenance.  

To combat this, you and the rest of your senior heads of department must develop and make readily available to all, a maintenance manual. Such a manual should go into detail regarding all aspects of preventative maintenance. 

4. Hire Professional Cleaners 

One aspect of proper warehouse management that is, unfortunately, and to the detriment of the business as a whole, regularly neglected is the cleanliness and tidiness of the space itself.  

Pests, for example, are a common issue in a warehouse setting and hiring professional cleaners to ensure that all surfaces and the back of large shelving units, as well as all machinery and equipment, are kept to a high standard of cleanliness, will eradicate this potential hazard and create a better environment to work in. 

5. Organize Additional Training 

The fifth most useful tip for improving the health and safety aspect of your warehouse and protecting both your inventory and your employees in equal measure is to organize additional training for those workers who spend their time on the floor.  

In addition, you should also make changes to your recruitment and onboarding process and even when you are needing extra warehouse workers to fulfil a large shipment, you should ensure that each new recruit has the relevant paperwork and is certified to a high standard.