6 Tips for Moving Your Tech Career Forward

One good thing about a career in technology is that you can be assured it will always be relevant and in demand. With the advancement of tech, related roles are becoming more available or more sought after. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t hit a stagnant period in your tech career, or perhaps consider another tech path altogether. Either way, here are six tips to get your tech career moving the way you want it to:

  1. Learn in Your Spare Time

On-the-job learning and experience are key, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your spare time to learn more about tech or to get to grips with new processes or pieces of software. Having an active interest in tech as a hobby will also look very beneficial on your resume when you come to apply for new positions or make a case for why you’re the perfect fit for a particular position.

You may want to check resources in your spare time, or invest in technology pieces and software at home to get to grips with them.

  1. Consider What’s In Demand

Tech is changing all the time, which means demand for tech expertise will be changing too. If you’re looking to progress your career by vying for the most in-demand roles, then you should take the time to research what those roles are. You can then research what you need to do (such as gain experience or qualifications) to become proficient in that area and increase your chances of success when you apply for job positions.

  1. Stay Up to Date

You can’t afford to fall behind when it comes to technology. You need to be aware of current trends and stay on top of new releases. Find a way you can best stay up to date, such as subscribing to technology magazines, receiving news alerts or setting time aside in your spare time to find out the latest trends in the tech world.

  1. Bolster Your Expertise and Qualifications

Even if you’re already qualified in a certain area of tech and have experience to back it up, there’s no harm in furthering your qualifications. The more official certifications you have, the more likely it will be for you to find new tech opportunities or advance your current career. There may be general tech training courses applicable to moving your career forward, like AWS certification training to further your understanding, or you may have found specific requirements needed for a certain promotion or new role.

Always seek opportunities to strengthen your knowledge and resume.

  1. Think About Relocating

Depending on where you live, there may not be the best opportunities for technology roles. You might want to consider relocating to an area with more opportunities, such as big cities that embrace technology at a higher level than rural locations, for example.

If relocation isn’t an option, you can always see about remote tech opportunities too, or perhaps those which allow you to commute or travel easily.

  1. Network

Making valuable contacts in the tech world could help your career to move forward. The right contacts may be able to alert you about new opportunities, or may be able to help you advance with key advice or lessons they have learned in their own tech field.