Aeromet International PLC

AA205 – new cast aluminium alloy gains AMS specifications

Aeromet International plc, a UK based company with facilities in Rochester, Sittingbourne and Worcester is now marketing a new high strength aluminium cast alloy registered with the Aluminium Association as AA205.

AMS specifications for both sand and investment castings have been cleared by the AMS Technical Committee “D” and the SAE Aerospace Council and have been designated as AMS4471 for investment castings and AMS4482 for sand castings. These specifications have also been presented to the Federal Aviation Authority’s MMPDS technical committee and will be entered into the next edition of the MMPDS handbook.

AA205 is an aluminium copper based alloy but with the fluidity of an aluminium silicon alloy and has successfully eliminated all the technical issues normally associated with an aluminium copper based alloy.
This new innovative material is the strongest cast aluminium alloy commercially available and further it comprises a unique micro-structure which leads to several benefits.

The tensile properties are so impressive that it can compete with certain wrought materials allowing designers greater freedom in component design and at the same time demonstrating cost efficiency and waste saving potential over machine from solid manufacturing routes.

Tensile data submitted to the MMPDS at A & B basis show UTS at 460MPa(67ksi), YS at 405MPa(59ksi) and 3% elongation. The YS figure is 50% higher than SOPHIA cast A357.

Aeromet International plc are now marketing this exciting new material to aerospace, defence, automotive, renewable energy, medical and other market sectors.

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