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Technical collaboration offers a unique way of aerospace simulations

Simulation processes within the aerospace sector can be time-consuming and costly. Usually involving the manufacture of prototypes, these can then be subject to several modifications and rebuilds, adding to the overall intricacy of the simulation procedure. A unique collaboration between the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry and Stratford based electronics specialists Assembled Electronics Solutions (AES) is now promising to revolutionise the way simulations are carried out, significantly speeding up the process and saving clients from spiralling costs.

With AES’ expertise in electronics for simulations, clients within the aerospace supply chain can now see and test equipment virtually, completely bypassing the stage of physical prototyping. Using MTC’s high-tech facilities in Coventry, AES is able to model simulations ranging from controllers, processing board and data monitoring equipment to black box technology and telemetry. In this way, users can try the product before it is being manufactured, making it easier, quicker and much more cost-effective to implement changes.

Moreover, setting up these virtual simulations usually takes less than two weeks, marking a stark contrast to the preparations required for many simulations carried out in the traditional way, with some of them taking months to set up due to their complexity.

Only once the simulation completely matches the client’s expectations, the product will be built and produced by AES in the required quantities. Being a member of the Coventry and Warwickshire aerospace forum and having previously supplied to a global base of aerospace clients, the equipment manufactured by the Stratford firm so far includes ground testing units for A320 and A330 Airbus, components for pilotless aircraft such as ignition system components, electronic circuit boards and control systems for engines as well as calibrated cables and assemblies for aircraft. The move into the simulation sector now marks the next step in the company’s aerospace activities.

According to AES’ Managing Director Nigel Maris, the uniqueness of the collaboration between his company and the MTC is reflected in the proportion regarding the partners’ sizes. He says, “It is unusual for SMEs like us to have access to facilities as expensive and high-tech as MTCs. It is more common for these facilities to be built for larger Corporates, but thanks to this technical partnership, we are able to offer a more sophisticated service to our clients. Most companies would model products in 3D Cad at the most and then go for physical trials. We, on the other hand, can invite the clients to the MTC where they can play around with a virtual model to see what needs changing and only once they are happy with it we actually build it.”

Apart from modelling and manufacturing the equipment, AES also have got their own in-house design centre. Offering all aspects of the product creation from the design through to simulation and fitting the electronics right to the end manufacture, the company is providing a convenient one-stop shop for design and manufacture.

Notes to the Editor:
Assembled Electronics Solutions is a Stratford based electronics company, working within a variety of sectors including aerospace, automotive, medical, security and original equipment manufacturing. Established in 2009, the business operates an open, partnership approach, focusing on the development of enduring business relationships and on increasing the range of services within its niche as a medium-volume manufacturer. For more information please visit