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Respected ISO 13485 Medical Standard accredited to Stratford SME

Stratford based Assembled Electronics Solutions (AES) have been accredited the respected ISO 13485 Medical Standard following their growing involvement in the sector. With the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation already under its belt, the company is now looking to further expand its work within the areas of medical, assisted living and community care.

The accreditation which acknowledges the comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices is usually being awarded to more corporate blue chip companies. With AES having met all necessary criteria, the standard will enable the business to further break into new markets after having worked closely with US company Veinwave on their range of cosmetic and surgical devices.

Specialised in product styling, assembly and testing, AES helped Veinwave with the development of one of their latest products by providing design input and carrying out the electronic assembly. According to Veinwave UK’s Director, Dr B. Newman M.D. F,R,C,S, “Assembled Electronics Solutions have helped us with the development of our latest medical equipment. They have offered valuable input in regards to product design and electronics and have done a really great job.”

In addition to their medical work, AES are currently also heavily involved with some projects concerning assisted living and community care. Together with the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), the company is developing wearable electronics to support people with sight and hearing impairments. In addition, AES are working on new technology for biometric door access for the Welsh Assembly.

With the aim to attract external businesses and assist them with the development and improvement of product ideas as well as their design and assembly, the company is determined to play an ever increasing role in the introduction of new innovative products to the market place.

Nigel Maris, AES’ Managing Director, says, “Our ethos is to approach every new project with a very candid attitude. Thanks to being a smaller company, we are able to gather all required skills at one table straight away and can even pull in external specialists from different sectors if needed. As a result, we have a strong track record of successfully aiding our clients with a wide range of product design and development issues.”

He adds, “We try to work as closely as possible with our clients by involving them in every step of the process. Some of them will even work alongside us in the building for the duration of the project. In this way, we can ensure that the product is developed exactly to the client’s specifications. Plus, we include regular assessment stages which prevent us and the clients from wasting time and money.”

The Stratford firm has been renowned for its partnership approach, working with a wide range of companies, organisations and educational institutions. Besides collaborating with big names such as the MTC and the Warwick Manufacturing Group, AES are also working alongside a number of Midlands based universities including Stafford, Warwick and Aston. Assisting students on electronics courses with general advice and training the company is currently also looking into establishing a KTP programme which will offer work placement opportunities to some of the aspiring engineers.

Notes to the Editor

Assembled Electronics Solutions is a Stratford based electronics company, working within a variety of sectors including aerospace, automotive, medical, security and original equipment manufacturing. Established in 2009, the business operates an open, partnership approach, focusing on the development of enduring business relationships and on increasing the range of services within its niche as a medium-volume manufacturer. For more information please visit