The new lightweight BOC Power Pack

BOC, the UK’s leading industrial gases and clean energy business, has launched the first of a new generation of rechargeable, lightweight Power Generators for off-grid, short duration workloads. The BOC Power Pack is designed to provide high power output over short periods for jobs like angle-grinding, sawing and drilling. It is especially suited to work in areas without grid connection, so when an alternative power source is needed – the Power Pack from BOC, a member of The Linde Group, provides the perfect answer.

Developed in collaboration with the Cambridge-based product design and technology specialists Light Green Power, the BOC Power Pack comes in two versions:

• The 110V ac battery inverter, which can be used with most large power tools requiring up to 2-3kW output such as angle grinders, band saws, drills and impact drivers.

• The 230V ac battery inverter, which can also power small electric kettles and microwaves, delivering up to 2kW.

The battery has been sized for power tools according to actual trigger time (i.e. duty cycle). Typically, a single charge could drive a full day of intermittent hammer drill use with the 230V version, or two hours of intermittent heavy grinding work with the 110V model.

Both versions can be charged from the mains. However, a key advantage of the Power Pack is that it can be recharged continuously in the field, using the BOC Hymera hydrogen fuel-cell power generator.

The BOC Power Pack weighs considerably less than an equivalent diesel or petrol generator, even with the accompanying Hymera hydrogen fuel cell charger.
It also has the added benefits of being extremely quiet and gives off zero carbon emissions – ideal for working at night, indoors or in built-up areas.

The only by-product of electricity generation from a fuel cell is water vapour, and with no emissions, the combination of the Power Pack plus Hymera fuel cell can be used in enclosed spaces without the need for expensive ventilation equipment.

Both the BOC Power Pack and the BOC Hymera require very low maintenance and the fuel costs are lower than for diesel or petrol generators operating at part-loads.


Notes to editors
1. A picture is available to accompany this release. For more information, please contact: Simon Napper in BOC Communications on 07957 166090. Email: [email protected]

2. Features and benefits of the BOC Power Pack:

Requirement Features Benefits
Portable Weighs less than 16kg A one person lift
Work in a built up area
Near silent – small fan turns on at high output Night working possible.
No silencers required
Need to work in unventilated environment Zero emissions No fume extraction equipment needed

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