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A thermal imaging device is an invaluable addition to any maintenance toolkit.

That’s the message from Brammer, the leading pan-European distributor of industrial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) products and services.

A thermal imaging device is a quick and easy way to identify potential problems before they become the cause of major and costly breakdowns. It’s the fastest growing preventative maintenance technology, ideal for use with any type of machinery.

“Running hot is usually a tell-tale sign that a component is about to fail,” said Jeremy Salisbury, Head of Marketing at Brammer UK: “Thermal imaging technology is really easy to use, you can see the results real-time with the parts in situ – there’s no need to stop the manufacturing process.”

“We’d recommend that all customers include thermal imaging in their routine maintenance. You soon build up a picture of what things look like in normal operating conditions and spot when a component is generating excessive heat.”

Organisations may save time and money with an effective condition monitoring programme. Observing the manufacturing process provides insight into the lifespan of key components and assists planning for their replacement.

Thermal imaging is the latest topic covered by Brammer’s ‘Quick Tips’ Video series; succinct visual aids presented by product group specialists and industry experts, to explain key issues and suggest practical advice for customers. The latest Quick Tips video on thermal imaging is now available online at

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