Cambridge EDI consultants

Cambridge EDI Consultancy launch a rapid supplier Onboarding service.

Cambridge EDI Consulting has developed a rapid supplier Onboarding solution that cuts Onboarding lifecycle time to a fraction of the time normally taken.

John Kearns, Principle Consultant, says “Mobilising suppliers and maintaining traction through an EDI transition program can be a challenge but the real choke point is document testing. EDI documents such as an Advanced Shipping Notes (ASN) Electronic Proof of Delivery (EPOD) or a Price-files have an underlying business objective, reaching it quickly is the key to ROI”

Kearns explained “Mobilising large groups of suppliers and maintaining traction throughout the program is achieved using an interactive workflow solution and a validation portal as the final stage. Rapid Onboarding through supplier self-certification is the quickest route to businesses having EDI compliant suppliers”

Cambridge EDI Consulting is a privately owned UK business specialising in Community Management Programs.