Digital industries that are on the up

The digital revolution is very much well and truly upon us. With new technologies emerging every day, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends. But if you’re looking to engage with a growing industry, then you should take a look at the digital sector. Here are some industries that are on the up and ready for big things in the years ahead.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is improving at an astonishing rate, and it’s set to become more commonplace across all areas of life. From self-driving cars to intelligent chatbots that can engage with customers on your website; AI is here to stay. A new wave of start-ups are developing new applications for AI technologies, giving you the potential to invest in the next Google or Facebook.

Virtual reality

The hype surrounding virtual reality (VR) may have been a little overblown, but that doesn’t mean the technology is going away anytime soon. After all, Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR for $2 billion USD shows the industry believes in its potential. There are still issues to overcome, such as creating detailed and immersive content, but many large organizations are investing in their own R&D departments. The technology is improving rapidly, with numerous start-ups challenging the likes of HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

Unlimited mobile data plans

A growing trend in the US telecoms industry is unlimited mobile data plans. An unlimited mobile data plan means you can browse the internet without having to pay extra every time you reach your monthly limit. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find an unlimited plan in Europe, but it’s still worth keeping an eye on developments in the USA. European customers are likely to be offered the option at some point, and when they do they’re likely to jump at the chance.

Play live dealer games

Sites such as are becoming increasingly popular as more people sign up for live gambling action. The industry is worth a considerable amount annually, and its growth shows no signs of slowing down. As individuals become more comfortable with online gambling, the growth will continue to rise.

Augmented reality

Virtual Reality is not the only way to create an immersive experience. Augmented reality (AR) will soon be integrated into people’s everyday lives, opening up a vast array of new opportunities. There are already many businesses competing in this market, including Layer, Upskill, and Blippar. And with Apple putting AR front-and-center with its announcement of the iPhone 8, the industry will be a lot more crowded before long.

Google Glass is a good example of an Augmented reality product that was once purchased by consumers but has now been replaced with a new model which has been made safer and more user-friendly for the consumer market.

Online healthcare

The healthcare industry is one of the most difficult and expensive to navigate. It’s also ripe for disruption, and numerous companies are working on online doctors that can diagnose you from your laptop or smartphone. A company called Babylon has already rolled out, charging users between $40-$50 per month for access to telemedicine services. It’s easy to see how this could be adapted for the US market, where healthcare costs are so high.

The lack of doctors in certain areas is another area that can benefit from an online approach to medicine. Digital service providers will fill the gaps that traditional medical services don’t reach, expanding access to more people than ever before.

Media consumption

Industry estimates suggest that people are spending more and more on digital content such as streaming video and music. The market is growing at an extraordinary rate, and it is set to increase year on year for the foreseeable future. There are some huge players in this market, including Netflix and Spotify. But it won’t be long before someone else other than Apple (iTunes) offers a compelling alternative, like Walmart with its acquisition of Vudu.

The growth in digital media is also creating opportunities for smaller businesses to get involved. Services like PLEX are simple enough for anyone to use, and they can provide an invaluable revenue stream.

IT security

Cybercriminals have been a growing concern in recent years, and this is an area that continues to grow. As internet use increases, so does the risk of cyber attacks. Most people already have a good idea of how important it is to protect their digital footprint. There are numerous ways for people to secure their data, from services like Nord and Symantec to the development of microchips that can be placed inside a person’s body.