ELGA Process Water

Smarten up your Boiler Water

ELGA Process Water’s new tool provides free assessment for boiler users

If you operate a steam boiler, are you aware of how much money your blowdown is costing you? ELGA Process Water, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies company, is pleased to announce the launch of rEcoSMART, a customised solution to optimise your boiler and help you answer that question.

Blowdown consists of water, conditioning chemicals and heat energy, all of which you have paid for. But by improving the feedwater quality through softening, dealkalisation, reverse osmosis or deionisation you can reduce blowdown, improve boiler efficiency and save money.

ELGA Process Water’s experts will work with you using the new rEcoSMART Assessment Tool to calculate exact cost savings and ROI of installing a pre-treatment solution. This in depth assessment is free and you will receive a personalised report to help support your decision making. Visit www.elgaprocesswater.co.uk/recosmart to register for your no obligation assessment. In addition, we have also developed a free online rEcoSMART calculator. Simply enter basic operational running data for an instant calculation of potential cost savings.

“Companies are looking to save money, so we created this tool because we believe it’s important for customers to understand the true cost of blowdown and what solutions are available to minimise this impact.” says Jeremy Wakeham, Industrial Sales Manager. “Both the online calculator and personalised assessment tools will help educate customers and enable them to make cost saving decisions and improve efficiencies within their business.”

For more information on rEcoSMART visit www.elgaprocesswater.co.uk/recosmart