Esprit Automation launches first all British CNC fiber laser cutter

ESPRIT Automation, a leading UK manufacturer of CNC cutting machines, has announced the launch of the first industrial fiber laser cutting machine designed and built in the UK.      

View the Photon 5G video on YouTube

Initially, available in two versions (Photon One and Photon 5G), the new Esprit Photon laser cutting machines are precise and very fast with an acceleration of up to 5g. They have been designed to be easy to use and deliver an outstanding Return on Investment (ROI) due to their high productivity rate and low operating costs.

“We started looking into developing a fiber laser cutting machine when our customers told us that they would like a laser option from Esprit,” said Saquib Ansari, Esprit Automation’s managing director. “With our existing Esprit team we have even developed our own  Human Machine Interface (HMI) and further developed our CAD/CAM solution so drawing can be done for both plasma and laser machines with our in-house solution, Procut.”

Experience 5G Fiber Laser Cutting

Thanks to its aerospace-inspired machine design with hybrid gantry, the Esprit Photon 5G is able to reach staggering vector speeds of up to 325 m/min. To control the extreme 5g forces that are generated by this powerful machine, the Photon 5G relies on Esprit’s signature precision-welded bed and gantry design.

Despite reaching very high speeds, the Photon 5G is very economical in its power consumption. Esprit’s LiveRegen technology ensures the optimal use of power and energy recovery mechanisms to store and reuse excess kinetic energy.

Next-Level Ease-Of-Use

The powerful new Photon fiber laser cutting machines from Esprit are surprisingly easy to use. They have features like LiveNest, LiveControl, and LiveGuard to ensure that even less experienced operators can use the machines safely and efficiently.

LiveNest Vision System:  With Esprit’s LiveNest function, incorporating a live feed from the high-definition shuttle table camera, the CNC will automatically detect and visually confirm the plate edges before the cutting process is started. The operator can automatically position the nest with a single touch, but is also able to double check optimal nesting.

LiveControl CNC: With LiveControl an operator can select an individual item from any historic job directly at the CNC and manually nest it, even on a piece of scrap. This avoids the need for new CAD/CAM drawings to be prepared.

LiveGuard  Anti-Collision: A significant proportion of all downtime during 2D laser cutting is caused by collisions. On Esprit’s fiber laser cutting machines, once the nest is loaded onto the CNC, LiveGuard will run a risk assessment and give the operator alternative cutting options depending on the risk level. It will also track the moving cutting head and stop it if a collision is imminent, thereby avoiding damage to the head.

The new Photon fiber laser cutting machines have been designed by Esprit with its SME customers in mind. Combining excellence in British engineering with exemplary after sales support and customer service, Esprit helps its customers to manufacture high quality products and minimise downtime.

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