Hi-line Industries Ltd


The HPD range of ‘point of use dryers’ from Hi-line Industries are compact and cost effective and feature a ‘minimum downtime’ cartridge change. They are ideally suited for remote installations, or wherever there may be only limited access available.

They provide generalised protection for downstream airline production equipment, as well as many specialised application requirements including instrument air quality, printing and gas analysing devices etc. The HPD unit provides an ideal localised installation where high quality air is a critical requirement. They ensure a low dewpoint (-40°C) at point of use, or where an existing air supply has only been dried to a refrigerant air dryer quality of +3°C dewpoint.

The HPD dryer range utilises a disposable desiccant adsorption cartridge to effectively remove moisture from a compressed air supply. The unique housing design allows the cartridge to be changed within only two minutes, without the need for any specialised tools. A pressure dewpoint of -40°C can be achieved with no energy consumption, no power required and no expensive air loss from the use of purged air.

Three HPD dryers are available offering flow capacities of 59, 122 and 210m3. The aluminium desiccant molecular sieve is easily replaceable and is incorporated in an aluminium housing, pressure rated to 16 barg. The units are CE rated and operate independent of any separate power supply.