How to develop talent in your business

Something that all business leaders and managers should want to do when they have a team to take care of is to develop talent within that team. If you invest in developing your workers’ skills, you’ll have a better business overall, as well as better employee engagement and retention and better productivity and results. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to develop talent in your business to help you and your employees get the results you all want.


When you have a good, hard-working team in your business, you’ll want to do what you can to keep them on board and to ensure they keep working hard. One way to do this and to develop their talent is to train them well. You might have specific training sessions (in-house or externally), team-building days, workshops, and coaching sessions, or you might offer to pay for (or contribute towards) a new qualification and allow time off to study for it.

Be investing in your team in this way, you can show that you are thinking of them and their future, which they will appreciate, and you are developing talent that will help your business grow. To make the idea of training even better, you could even offer incentives, such as the use of a company car with a coloured wrap from or vouchers for a good restaurant. Plus, make it clear that there will be opportunities for progression within the business once the training has been completed.

Offer Mentorship

Offering your team members the chance to be mentored by you, or another manager or worker in your business, is a great way to develop their unique talents and skills. When you pair a more experienced person with someone who needs to learn more, you can give that person a lot of access to some great knowledge that they might never have had access to before.

This can be especially helpful for people you have just hired, as they might be feeling lost and confused – you can ensure they soon gain a much better understanding of how your business works and their role in it if you give them a mentor. Plus, those who are looking to develop their skills could also benefit from being mentored.

Create A Culture Of Feedback

Feedback is something that will always help hugely when it comes to developing talent. When you regularly ask for feedback and listen to it, you’ll soon discover where any shortcomings might be in your business and in your employees’ skillsets. You can then ensure that these problems are solved and the gaps are filled with the training or mentorship mentioned above.

It’s also important to give feedback and not just receive it. Make sure that when you give feedback, it is constructive so that your team can take what you’re suggesting and use it to develop their talents in the right way, perhaps by strengthening areas of weakness or by offering to mentor others, for example.