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FUJI Autotech France Migrates to Latest Version of Infor10 ERP Enterprise (LN)

Automotive Supplier Optimises its Resources to Better Manage Heavy Production Rates and Support Business Growth.

Farnborough, March 2012 – Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced it has been retained by FUJI Autotech France, an automotive supplier specialising in the manufacture of steering columns, to upgrade its infrastructure software. FUJI Autotech France, which has been equipped with Infor ERP LN since 2005, chose to migrate to the latest version of the application in order to benefit especially from new features dedicated to the automotive industry.

News Points:
• Infor 10 ERP Enterprise (LN) will help FUJI Autotech France to manage its entire supply chain, offering rich functionality, flexibility and visibility at each stage from planning through to manufacturing and supply. The robustness of ERP Enterprise allows continuity of FUJI Autotech’s processes while the company adheres to heavy and continuous 24 x7 production.
• FUJI Autotech France will benefit from the Infor application’s capabilities in terms of financial consolidation of its data, enabling the company to access data from other European locations and allowing teams to make better decisions more rapidly.
• FUJI Autotech will also benefit from Infor10 ION Suite, which allows ERP Enterprise to interface with other Infor software and third party applications.
• FUJI Autotech will also take full advantage of Infor10 Workspace, the new fully customizable user interface for an improved user experience.
• FUJI Autotech France has also chosen Infor10 Barcode to take advantage of a mobile scanning solution which is simple, fast and effective, to reduce the errors associated with manual data entry and improve operations, reporting and inventories.
• The project also includes the implementation of Infor10 EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) in order to better manage the maintenance of industrial equipment. This will help minimise unplanned interruption.
• The migration project, which began in summer 2010 on the French site of the group located in the Franche-Comte, is expected to be fully complete in April 2012.

FUJI Autotech France quote
“When our parent company decided to standardise its software platforms in 2005, we inherited Infor ERP LN in its first release,” said Laurent Delay, IT manager at FUJI Autotech France. “Back then, the integration was not well managed by the external company that we used. We had also fundamentally underestimated the need to adequately train our teams to use a solution of such functional richness. Today we have learned from these lessons of the past. So we worked with the Infor team and organised the migration well in order to smoothly evolve our systems and working procedures. It was essential, in addition to our growing business, to increase the accuracy of our processes in real time. We’re now fully reliant on the latest version of Infor ERP Enterprise which is a proven solution for our industry. ”

Infor quote
“The automotive sector, with its many ramifications, is indeed one of the most demanding production environments in the global economy,” says Leo Bensadon, head of manufacturing in France for Infor. “This new project confirms the need to respond accurately, quickly and effectively to the expectations of manufacturers in this sector who are subject to fierce competition around the world. Interoperability, functional richness, management of industrial processes and a consumer grade user interface were all key requirements for FUJI Autotech France, and are completely met by the latest version of our ERP application. We look forward to continuing our work with FUJI Autotech France.”
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