Technology in the website recognises that access is via a smart phone and not a PC and ‘right sizes’ all the information to ensure it is easily readable.

Mr Hardy said: “Websites can be accessed via smart phones but without ‘right sizing’ the information is cumbersome and difficult to read.

“The mobile tax tool is accessible directly via the Ogilvie Fleet website without the requirement to download a different app. It also gives drivers access to a range of other information, including the latest news, and the ability to book their vehicle in for a service. For Ogilvie Fleet’s own drivers, the Web App also provides access to critical emergency information, along with the ability to dial direct to their 24 hour support services from within the app.”

He concluded: “We have made the tool accessible to all-comers and not just Ogilvie Fleet customers to highlight the extent of the sophisticated range of services and online reporting available from the company.”

In the future, Ogilvie Fleet anticipates making a range of other tools accessible via smart phone applications.


Ogilvie Fleet, which is headquartered inStirlingwith offices in Birmingham Sheffield andNorthern Ireland, provide contract hire, leasing and fleet management solutions forUKand European companies operating vehicle fleets ranging from five to 2,000+ units.

The fleet today totals almost 11,000 vehicles, making the company one of the largest independent contract hire and leasing specialists in the fleet sector.

Ogilvie Fleet’s reputation is built on an ability to deliver bespoke solutions and a consistently high quality of service, linked with competitive pricing and a ‘real world’ ability to work in partnership with clients. In essence, the organisation delivers the perfect combination of small company service ethos and large company buying power.