Quaker Chemical 2PAQ Fluid Attack

Compatible Coolant & Cleaner Provides Innovative Savings for an Automotive Supplier

CONSHOHOCKEN, PA (Nov, 2011) – Working with a braking system subcontractor located in France and supplying the automotive manufacturing sector, Quaker introduced a 2PAQ compatible fluid technology for their machining and grinding operations. This innovative approach offered benefits that reduced waste generation; waste treatment costs, and down time associated with foaming issues. Biocide usage was eliminated and worker safety was improved.

2PAQ technology is a two-component fluid offering that uses an alkaline and oil phase, typically mixed into water to prepare emulsions suitable for machining and grinding operations in the automotive industry.

When added to water, the “alkaline phase” can be used for machining cast iron, steel and aluminum alloys. Depending on the operation, coolant concentration can be adjusted accordingly to allow for replacement of synthetic, semi-synthetic, micro-emulsions and emulsions. Its versatility also allows it to be used as a process cleaner. When the process cleaner fluid solution becomes saturated, it can be added to the coolant tank to aid with volume control.

For automotive machining and grinding operations requiring higher levels of lubrication, the “oil phase” can be used in combination with the “alkaline phase” to provide a more robust product. This combination of technologies offers a high performance micro-emulsion for machining cast iron, steel and aluminum alloys.

Quaker implemented this concept in 4 central systems in the braking system subcontractor’s facility. The change brought a quantified savings of €54,000 ($73, 805) in fluid related costs to the largest of the central systems.

This documented case study is just one example of how Quaker Chemical partners with automotive customers to improve their efficiencies and lower fluid-related costs in machining and grinding. For more information on Quaker Chemical and its full product line offerings, including Chemical Management Services, please visit www.quakerchem.com.
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