How to Show Google Your Content Belongs at the Top of the Rankings

We all want to see our content riding high at the top of the Google rankings, but the reality is it is not that easy to get to the top of the SERPs.

Perfecting your content takes time, but if you follow the right steps, you can show Google that it belongs at the top of the rankings.

If you speak to a top marketing consulting firm, they will be able to give you a clear plan to get your website to the top of the SERPs, but here are some steps you can take on your own.

Make it High Quality

Let us turn this around. What incentive does Google have to rank something that is not top quality? The answer is none.

If you want the accolade of occupying the top spots for your keyword, then you have got to aim to produce the best piece of content on that topic. Google wants to send its user to the best piece of content that addresses the query, and if that content is yours, then you have got a good shot at ranking well.

Answer the questions your readers have and go the extra mile to make sure it is in-depth and accurate.

Get Backlinks

Google will see that you have written a 4,000-word article on “how to find your lost keys,” but how does it know the information in the article is correct?

One of the key tools Google uses to evaluate the trustworthiness of your information is backlinks. Backlinks occur when another high-quality website, preferably in the same niche to you, has a link to your page.

For example, if Yale (the lock and key specialists) links back to your post about “how to find your lost keys,” it is going to look pretty good.

The more you can build these high-quality links from websites in similar niches, the better your chances of ranking are going to be.

Make it Mobile Friendly

Google knows that the majority of searches these days take place on mobile. If 52.2% of traffic is on mobile, then there is no way Google is going to rank you number one if your page does not load properly on mobile.

The search engines want to send their users to the best possible page, and if your site is not mobile-friendly, then this is not going to be your page 52% of the time.

Get It Loading Quickly

We all have personal experience in this area. If a page takes too long to load, then we are not going to hang around and wait for it, and nor will anyone else.

Every second your page takes to load, the higher the risk your visitor clicks away without interacting with the page.

You have worked hard to earn this click, but you have not even been able to wow them with your great content because your page is too slow. This is bad for your conversions and bad for your SEO.

Grab People’s Attention

High-quality content is not just about text. In fact, a massive block of dense text is just going to put people off engaging with your page.

Instead, it is a great idea to mix things up with some images and videos that grab your visitors’ attention and keep them engaging with the page for longer.

The longer people spend on your page, the better it looks in the eyes of Google.