Top innovative cities for business in 2019

The financial health of cities naturally rises and falls, and even regional power centers can slip down the ladder as other innovative cities gather momentum, attract the young and entrepreneurial, and transform into modern and sleek business hubs. With intracity migration on the rise in the US, 2019 is the perfect time to check out the very best places to relocate. Whether you’re an experienced business person or someone just setting out in the world of work, there’s a world of opportunity out there. Below is a guide to the top four cities for business in 2019


1. Dayton, Ohio

A city rising like a phoenix from the ashes, Dayton boasts an extraordinarily vast number of benefits for families, business people and young professionals looking to seize on the upward trend in property development driven by the Windsor Company. The downtown district, The Fire Blocks District, is booming and looks set to continue its rise well into 2019, with breweries, eateries, waterways, and cycleways buzzing with activity and a new zest for life. Dayton is also located at a crossroads between central US business cities, making it an impressive regional hub without feeling too much like the oppressive cities that would usually make a list such as this.


2. Denver, Colorado

Another city benefitting from notable development schemes, especially in the downtown area, Denver has always been on the periphery of businesspeople. Now it’s demanding more attention, in large part due to the large, modern, spacey offices opening up all over town, and the comforting array of cafes, restaurants, diners and music venues that stay true to ‘old Denver’ while nonetheless displaying a pleasing shine of things to come in 2019 and beyond. The perfect city for socialites and those with a busy schedule, Denver’s concentration of new hotspots make it a firm favorite with many networking businesspeople.


3. Des Moines, Iowa

Birthplace of legendary travel writer Bill Bryson, Des Moines was always a city he found it easy to poke fun at. Not so as we head into 2019; it’s a thriving, developing and buzzing business hub that, for half a decade, has been attracting investors, businesspeople and entrepreneurial spirits to set up shop and create the mood of a city propelling itself into the big time. It may be a humble city when compared with some of the old industrial cities of the twentieth century, but it’s acquired a cutting-edge feel that makes it perfect for modern-minded individuals.


4. Detroit, Michigan

The only city on our list to have the global renown as a titanic hub for industry, trade, and business, Detroit has for years made the papers for the wrong reasons. It’s with a breath of fresh air that Detroit rightfully makes it onto this list of the most innovative business cities in 2019, especially for home-grown industry, which is experiencing a resurgence. Equally incredible is the rise of the financial and business district in the city’s economic center, which is an exciting place to base yourself.


These four cities are the best picks for 2019 if you’re looking for a new place to test your business skills in a thriving and accommodating environment.